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Voie lactée depuis le Col des Montets by JavierMartinezMoran
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My eternal mancrush goes to this incredible man right here.He is the perfect boyfriend in every way ,and brightest ray of sunshine in my sky.I feel that nothing could change the way I feel about you,I have never been so certain of someone in my entire life darling.You make me feel stronger when I’m at my weakest, the support you provide for me is unlike anything I could have dreamed of,you truly pump my heart full of love and happy moments more and more everyday. And I thank you my king.💚💎💚 #ourfirstfalltogether #startstuff #weareallmadeofit #myuniverse #ozzirenkhalanni #daytimesbats #pho88 #robotgirlfriend #walrussitups #lifealive #yourewitchprincess #ilaidahhh #sushidates #dynamite #mylight #showerartcollabs #myfavoritecolorofmana #sexonshandalar #iplaymonojonnydevotion #hesmygod

Shaun Tia

This photo set may be one of Kato’s favorites, if only for the fact that it combines two of her favorite things: nature and nudity. Honestly, if she had it her way, she’d probably spend all of her time naked and out in the forest. Fortunately, the nearby woods don’t have a reliable wi-fi connection, otherwise we just wouldn’t get anything done.
"WildWood", featuring Kato, debuts on SteamGirl.com’s bonus page this Saturday!
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  • Just holding your sub
  • Giving them a bath
  • A massage
  • Using soothing lotions on bruises/marks
  • A short nap with your sub.
  • Petting/soothing with words. (i.e. good girl/good boy/ you did so well)
  • Giving a treat (warm milk/tea/some goldfish,…

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A yummy little breakfast brought to you by Trader Joe’s of a couple slices of moist almond bread,some pumpkin greek yogurt and a hot cup of peppermint/green tea. #traderjoes
I think youre the sexiest man to ever live and I still wake up every morning feeling so incredibly lucky to be able to call you mine.My feelings have never flourished like this for any human ever before in my life,and I’ve got to say,you’re a different one.Youre so unique and beautiful and you never let me forget how amazing it is to be truly in love.Youre my diamond Jonny,and our bond cant be broken,by anything, even if we tried .My eternal king. #ozzirvenkhalanni #youresofriggenperfect #lookatthatface #imprettysureicpuldendthegamerightnow #youareaplaneswalkercorrect #ifyouwanttocallmebymyfirstnameitssilvergillADEPT #rememberlastnightwhenyouhitmeoverthrheadwiththatbaggett #thatchickthatlikesweedandhorseslol #youmewereallmadeoutof #STARSTUFF. #hecouldntsayparticlesorsomeshit #indianactionmovie #thatmactruckslidedoe #ilovelongcarridewithyou #mayyoudrawwell #iwouldlovetowalktgeplaneswithyou #sultaiandtemuraplaneswalkerslovestory #truelifeiminlovewithmyplaneswalker #iplaymonojonnydevotion @cur3d
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