Cosmetologist.Bi.Clean living/eating.More than in love with my darling Jonny <3

The prettiest girls ever are my #wcw .I miss you ladies. Never forget that I love you. #bestfriends #lovelyladies #soamazing #somuchfun #sogoofy #cosmogirls @yeeimsara @xoatmeal
#mancrushalways You&#8217;re such a heartthrob babe.I love your heart,your voice,your scent,your eyes.Everything about you baffles me and makes me wonder how I could win such an incredible,intelligent person in my life as my best friend and love of my life. I adore you my darling and I really feel everyday getting better and better with you.Its amazing how wonderful life can be when you have someone like you to live it with. @cur3d #mylove #myfieryking #mysexynerdboy #imcrazyaboutyou #imprettysureicouldendthegamerightnow #youreaplaneswalkercorrect #iwouldlovetowalktheplaneswithyou #channelbluemakesmethinkofeverymomentiveeverspentwithyou #Youreathousanddropmythic #youaresofuckingperfect

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Where are my land cards

this hand would be really great

I just need some lands

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▲ obey the prophecy ▲ the door to wonderland

☽ ;.*.*.X★X.*.*.; ☾



✵♔♘♗✵ ~ Touched! ~

I’m looking at you my little princess. 😍❤️💋


Those moments when Daddy just wants to hear his little girl’s moans

I&#8217;ve been feeling kinda cruddy about myself lately and to be honest I can&#8217;t figure out what it is that I don&#8217;t like. I just feel like it IS something and I haven&#8217;t been uploading photos I&#8217;ve been taking and meaning to upload just because I&#8217;m being so picky and critical and it&#8217;s been bumming me out.So ,here are a few photos I took of my makeup because I normally love this look.Without further ado&#8230;my face.
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Bedtime snugs part9.I love the way our bodies mesh together ,my love. #ozzirvenkhalanni #sweetdreamsmydarling
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